How To Make A Hidden Gun Safe In The Wall

How To Make A Hidden Gun Safe In The Wall – 6 Steps

Hiding a gun safe is essential to keep your gun and other valuables away from outside intruders and children. You know that only a gun safe is not enough to hide guns, it is wise to hide the gun safe to ensure proper protection.

In this article, you will learn how to make a hidden gun safe in the wall.

So, let’s take a look.


How To Make A Hidden Gun Safe In The Wall

Step- 1: Consider Space

You must first consider a suitable place to install the gun safe on the wall.

In that case, you can give more priority to the space of the home or office closet, behind the furniture, behind the electrical outlet, or behind the mirror.

These places are perfect for keeping your safety completely hidden.


Step- 2: Ensure Safe Size and Type

You will definitely want to choose an outdated or digital hard and durable gun safe. When choosing safe model pay attention to a nice design and a suitable size.


Step- 3: Drill Holes in The Wall for Mounting

Draw stains according to your safe size on the wall where you want to hide your safe. Make a hole in the wall this time. Make sure there is no plumbing and wire in the place where you will drill.


Step- 4: Install the Gun Safe

Make sure your chosen gun safe easily accessible. Install your safe at this stage. You may need screws to install.


Step- 5. Set up The Locks

Safe locks are a way to keep your guns extra secure. So, Install and program your safe locks. And, you can polish your selected locks after installing them.

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If you want to add more protection to your safe then install a camera in front of the safe. This camera will help control your safe.

Also setting the alarm would surely be a better decision. This will alert you if an outsider tries to unlock your safe.


Step- 6: Secure Hide

If you have your gun safe installed, hide the safe at this stage. Hide your safety behind any furniture, large mirrors, or electrical outlets.



In this article, I have tried to give a proper guidelines about How To Make A Hidden Gun Safe In The Wall. Hopefully, our article will help you to hide your gun safe.

If you follow every instruction thoroughly, you will surely be able to keep your gun safe.

Thank you for your attention to the whole article.

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