Best Place To Put A Gun Safe

Best Place To Put A Gun Safe For Extra Safety

Most people prefer gun ownership to the use of rifles for hunting or game-shooting and the use of handguns for self-defense.

About 2 million people in the United States claim to own a gun, and its use has changed dramatically. And America ranks second in the total number of gun deaths.

This means that when you own a gun, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your gun to avoid any untoward incidents. This will keep your family and you safe from gun accidents.

You must have kept the gun a gun safe, now it should be kept in a suitable place to keep it safe from children and other people.

Most gun owners believe it is safe to keep their guns at home. But today we have come up with some more excellent options for you where you can keep the gun safe.

Then read the full article and decide where you will keep your gun safe.


Home is the best place to keep your gun safe out of reach and secure. But we don’t recommend installing it anywhere in the house.

You should choose a place where outsiders avoid entering, and the gun is safe from theft. In that case, the bedroom is a great place to install it.

Because Outsiders don’t enter the bedroom and allow you to easily access the gun. In this case, if the theft occurs at night, you can quickly access the gun to protect yourself.

You should avoid installing it in the kitchen and drawing-room. Because, in addition to protecting your gun safe from theft, and also you need to keep it safe from fire, water, and flammable material.

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It will be convenient to install it in one corner of the bedroom, or inside the bathroom. If your bedroom is on the first floor, bolt the gun safe to the floor and hide it.

And if your gun safe weighs more than 1,000 pounds, it should not be installed on the floor above the house.



It is best to keep guns safe in the office to ensure personal safety. Usually, a certain person comes to the office every day for a certain period of time and there is no endless flow of people.

Therefore, The gun needs to be installed in a convenient place to keep it in the office, and you also need to make sure that you can easily access the gun.

Also, choose a location where the gun will be out of reach of external intruders or children.
So you have to be very creative when choosing a place.

It is best to mount your handgun safe on the floor under the desk. The gun is easily accessible here.


Keeping your gun safe in a garage is not a good solution. But if you don’t have the best option then you can consider keeping the gun in the garage.

However, in that case, you need to ensure the maximum protection of the safe box. Usually, the garage keeps moisture and flammable items, so you must take out them before bolting the safe. And you can Build a closet as a barrier against thieves.

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This means after ensuring the maximum protection of the safe box, you can install it in the garage. It would be best to install the safe on the floor.



The basement is the best place to install a gun safe, but there are a few things you should consider before keeping there in a safe.

This place is a good choice, the basement is usually less crowded, and outsiders do not enter.

It is best to keep your heavy and large safes in the basement, as the basement floor can withstand a weight of over 1000 pounds, and you can bolt down the safe on the concrete floor for extra protection. However, heavy safes can be difficult for you to take from one place to another.

We do not recommend keeping the gun in the basement for your own protection, as the gun cannot be accessed quickly and easily from the basement.

This is where you can keep a gun for your prey or for recreational use.

Also, another disadvantage of keeping a gun safe in the basement is that here you can get moisture, water, and dampness, which can put you at risk of damage.

So if you are getting moisture or water then consider another place. But in the basement, your gun will stay away from safe fire.


You can carry a gun in your car to protect yourself or for various reasons.

However, if you need to stop your car for various reasons, then you should not keep the gun with you.
On the contrary, the gun should not be kept in the car without ensuring any protection.

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As a solution to this problem, you can keep a gun safe in the car. The interior of the car is easily noticeable, so choosing the location where to place the safe box in the car is not easy.

Select the location depending on what type of safe you have. For safe mounting, choose a space inside the vehicle that is not easily visible from the outside. Also, avoid places that are easily accessible to others, such as the Globe Department.

A professional may be needed to mount the gun safe in the car.



A few places need to be avoided to ensure maximum protection of your gun safe.

Such as-

  • You should avoid places where the attacker can easily predict or easily enter. Choose a place where they have no idea, where your gun safe is stored.
  • Choose a place that is easily accessible, but the place should be out of the reach of children. That is, you should not choose places that are accessible to children.
  • To avoid fire accidents, do not keep gun safes in the kitchen or all places where there is a flammable material.
  • If you live in a flood-prone area, do not place it on the ground floor of the house, as contact with water can damage the safe. If the weight of your safe is more than 1000 pounds, avoid the upper floor.
  • Avoid all the places where you can’t access the gun quickly and easily.

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