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Top 10 Best Closet Gun Safe in 2024

It has become essential to have a firearm to protect our families and own selves from various problems and worrying situations. But we should also make sure that these guns are safe. Otherwise, the kids will want to use the guns or you could get into an accident if they fall into the hands of drunks.

The way to get rid of all these problems is to hide the gun. And that’s why you should consider the best closet gun safe, which will keep your guns safe from the reach of others. The hard metal and tamperproof properties and sizes of this safe should be considered.

So, I’ve come up with some of the best closet gun safes to help you. Here you will find both safe to hold your handguns and rifles.

So let’s take a look at the reviews of our 10 best options.



  • Lock Type: Electronic, Key
  • Weight: 88 pounds
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Metal Thickness: 14 Gauge
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  • Lock Type: Biometric
  • Weight: 62 lbs
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Metal Thickness: 14 Gauge
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  • Lock Type: KABA Simplex
  • Weight: 60 Pounds
  • Material: Metallic-Fiber
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  • Lock Type: Electronic, Key
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Material: Steel
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  • Lock Type: Biometric, Electronic, Key
  • Weight: 88.2 pounds
  • Chamber Width: 14 inches
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  • Lock Type: Electronic, Key
  • Weight: 88 pounds
  • Quick access: 2.0 Sec
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  • Lock Type: Combination, Electronic
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Material: Steel
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  • Lock Type: Electronic, Key
  • Capacity: Up To 5 Rifles
  • Material: Cold rolled steel
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  • Lock Type: Electronic, Key
  • Weight: 85.98 lbs
  • Material: Alloy Steel
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  • Lock Type: Electronic, Key
  • Weight: 92 lbs.
  • Material: Alloy Steel
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1. Moutec Large Gun Safe – Best for Home Use

Lock Type: Electronic Lock, Key
Weight: 88 Pounds
Material: Alloy Steel, Metal

If you are looking for an affordable gun locker for home use then Moutec Large Rifle Safe is a consideration. Overall it’s great safe for the money and you won’t be disappointed. This electric rifle safe is bigger and deeper than other safes.

Its external dimensions of 13.8 “x 13.8” x 57 “and 56.5” x13.4 “12.4 provide enough space to store your 5 long guns.

It allows you to quickly access guns by unlocking them securely using pin codes, but you can be sure that children will not be able to access them. Moutec is one of the best closet gun safes for its great features and affordable price.

The steel walls of the device are temper-resistant. The Moutec has a separate lockbox inside the safe it allows you to store small guns and other items.

The model has pre-mounted holes at the top and bottom. You can bolt the safe either on the wall or on the floor. If Safe’s battery runs low, it will alert you and your code will remain valid even if the batteries run out.

Its 3 built-in steel deadbolts create a 3-point locking system that resistant to prying to prevent thieves and keep your valuables item safe from children.

Highlight Features
  • The safe is quite large and deep.
  • Available at affordable prices.
  • The model is very easy to mount.
  • It allows you to quickly access.
  • Comes with adequate storage.


2. BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe


Lock Type: Biometric
Weight: 62 lbs
Material: Aluminum

Your rifles and handguns should be stored in a compact and mountable location. In that case, you can rely on the Barska Biometric Rifle Safe.

This small-sized closet gun safe allows you to store up to 4 rifles and comes with a shelf at the top to hold other ammunition.

This model allows you to quickly access rifles, handguns. Users can easily access their belongings in just 2.5 seconds.

It works as a pro if any child wants safe access to the bar. If it makes noise during the theft, you can deactivate it in 10 seconds if you want.

Its fingerprint reader works very well, and this biometric module stores up to 120 fingerprints. It has a backup key, this key is hidden under the stamped plate in front of the safe. You can easily secure the plates.

This small-size model can be easily mounted in your bedroom closet. This device comes with hardware and pre-drilled holes for mounting.

Highlight Features
  • The guns allow quick access.
  • Includes hardware and pre-drill holes for easy mounting.
  • The advanced biometric lock Scan can store 120 fingerprints.
  • It comes with a key.
  • 4 Position Rifle Rests.


3. V-Line Closet Vault II Gun Safe & In-Wall Cabinet


Brand: V-LINE
Lock Type: KABA Simplex
Weight: 60 lbs.
Material: Metallic-Fiber

The V-Line Wall Safe is a great closet safe made in the USA. This reliable device comes with a three-point locking system. A 3/8 ”brass deadbolt extends through a steel lock block and anti-pry brackets that are welded to the door.

It features a genuine simplex mechanical push button lock system so you don’t have to worry about your battery dying. The safe can be easily mounted in a 16 “stud. It comes with the hardware needed to mount it.

The V-Line Secure comes with enough storage space to store your four long guns, handguns, and other documents.

Highlight Features
  • The combination lock of the model allows you quick access
  • Guns are easy to access
  • Easy to mount
  • Brings enough storage space.
  • Compact design.


4. Amazon Basics Steel, Security Safe Lock Box


Lock Type: Electronic, Key
Weight: 26 Pounds
Material: Steel

The Amazon Basic compact model is acceptable for protecting your handguns. This is not a fireproof gun safe but it is a perfect model for your needs. In this small safe you can store 4 handguns and various documents.

You can choose this small compact safe to fit in your bedroom closet or to use while traveling. This 1 cubic foot safe is made of very hard PR-resistant steel and includes digital locks.

If the lock fails for any reason, you can open the lock with two override keys. Four AA batteries are required to access this programmable digital safeSteel construction with carpeted floor to protect against scratches and damage.

It carpeted floor to protect Against scratches and damage. It includes four bolts to mount the device.

Highlight Features
  • Includes override keys.
  • Carpet floor.
  • 2 Live-door bolts and PEC-resistant concealed hinges.
  • Includes four bolts for mounting.
  • Provides enough space.
  • Easy to mount.


5. Quicktec Rifle Safe Quick Access (Large Gun Safe-Biometric)


Brand: QuickTech
Lock Type: Combination, Electronic, Key
Weight: 88.2 Pounds
Inner Dimensions:: (W x D x H): 13.6 x 12.4  x 56.8 inches

You need a reliable gun safe to hold your rifles and shotguns. In that case, QuickTech’s rifle safe is a flexible product. This large gun safe allows you to store up to 5 rifles with scopes. The model is 13.6 “deep.

This Biometric fingerprint sensor supports multi-finger and has an override key. It was originally designed to fit in the closet.

This biometric gun safe included buzzer tune provides protection against unauthorized access. You can turn off the buzzer tune if you want.

This durable and reliable safe is made of thick steel material that provides protection against fire. And equipped with five 1-inch live-locking bolts to provide adequate protection for the fittings. Pre-punched mounting holes in it to bolt this closet safe.

Highlight Features
  • This is a biometric gun safe.
  • Large and deep in size.
  • The live-locking bolts provide protection against forced entry.
  • 4-5 rifles and other items can be stored.
  • Made with durable material.
  • Quick accessible.

6. Moutec Biometric Rifle Gun Safe (Quick Accessible)


Lock Type: Electronic, Key
Weight: 88 Pounds
Include: Mounting Hardware, Emergency Key, AA Batteries.

If you want a reliable gun safe with a biometric fingerprint lock system then you should choose Moutec Biometric Rifle Gun Safe.

This biometric scan lets you access firearms very quickly in an emergency. And the biometric system can store up to 100 fingerprints.

If the battery of the device is changed then you have no reason to worry because the fingerprints will be kept in the memory.

Also if the battery is low then you will get a warning tone. MOUTECH has 3 built-in steel deadbolts that make a 3 point locking system that is resists prying. Which protects your firearms and valuables from children and locks out thieves.

This large and deep rifle safe comes with a separate lockbox. This lockbox allows you to store your bullets, handguns, money, and other valuables. The model allows you to store up to 5 rifles with your scope.

This safe fits easily anywhere in your office or home. It’s very easy to install, the safe comes with pre-punched mounting holes at the bottom for mounting so you can attach it to the floor or wall.

Highlight Features
  • Biometric reliable lock mechanism.
  • Quickly accessible.
  • Electric combination lock.
  • 5 rifles and other items can be stored.
  • Comes with mounting hardware.
  • Individual lockbox included.

7. STEALTH Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access


Lock Type: Electronic Lock System
Weight: 20 lbs
Material: Solid Steel

Stealth Handgun safe is basically the best feature for your valuables and a great device for quick access. It allows you to place 2 handgun flats in a ready position instead of 3 handgun flats.

The safe is quite strong and durable. The door of the model is made of hard steel. It has a dimple on the 1st button on the keypad which allows you to easily identify the first button in the dark.

Also when you press the key you will see that the blue light rings around each button are illuminated. The interior light of the device is light and makes it very easy to see the interior.

It has 5 holes at the bottom that can be used to bolt the safety to something to prevent theft. The safe interior is padded with a thin foam material, so it should protect your firearms from scratching or making noise when moving.

The electronic entry with 6 digit code works flawlessly and is extremely easy to set up.

Highlight Features
  • Allows quick access to handguns.
  • Comes with plenty of storage space for holding handguns.
  • Sustainable construction.
  • The guns have indoor lighting to make it easier to see.


8. HOMCOM 56″ Gun Safe


Lock Type: Electronic, Key
Weight: 99 pounds
Material: Cold Rolled Steel

HOMCOM 56 Safe is a strong and beautifully designed roomy closet gun safe. This safe comes with a programmable digital lock that protects harm from children and prevents unauthorized access.

This lock allows you to use a three- to eight-character password to program.
Combination This locking system includes two keys for extra security. This means that if you forget the code, you can lock out the keys securely.

A removable pad is provided under the model so that your guns are not scratched or damaged. Its LED display allows you to easily see everything inside. The model comes with pre-drill holes for wall mounting. The 11.75 “× 13.75” × 57 “HOMCOM comes with a small shelf for five safe rifles storing small accessories.

Highlight Features
  • The safe is very easy to mount.
  • Allows easy setup.
  • Combination lock system.
  • Easy accessible.


9. BONNLO Electronic Gun Safe


Lock Type: Electronic, Key
Weight: 85.98 lbs
Material: Alloy Steel

If you are looking for a sturdy, durable and large gun safe that keeps your guns out of the hands of burglars then Bonnlo Gun Safe will be the best for you.

This safe can keep your 5 rifles safe. It also has a small lockbox, in which you can store 3-4 handguns, cash, and other items.

Bonnlo gun safe provides a digital keypad with a memory function, which means that if the batteries die, the keypad will contain your codes and you can unlock them with the help of another battery.

This safe allows you to use it easily. You can bolt it to the wall or floor to use it properly. This large safe is ideal for use in your home or office.

Highlight Features
  • Sturdy and durable safe.
  • The large safe can store 5 rifles and 3-4 handguns.
  • Digital keypad included.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be bolted to walls and floors.


10. LANGGER Gun Safe for Rifle Shotgun Firearms


Lock Type: Electronic, Key
Weight: 92 pounds
Material: Alloy Steel

If you have a lot of weapons and need a general safe with a quality digital lock then please choose Langger Gun Safe. This rifle safe allows you to store 5-6 rifles. The model’s internal removable storage shelf protects your handguns.

Langger safe also provides a lockbox for storing your handguns/ ammunition or any items you want to keep extra safe. The 15.7 “× 11.8” × 57.2 “safe is constructed with steel walls and tamper-resistant interior edges.

The device comes with pre-drill holes and hardware for mounting on your walls or floor. Basically this safe is great for your home or office use.

Its reliable electronic digital keypad allows you to quickly access firearms in an emergency. It’s easy to set up the reset button inside the safe for quick adjustment of the keypad.

The model comes with an external battery pack When the battery dies you can connect it from the outside and open the safe using the keypad.

It’s easy to set up the reset button inside the safe for quick adjustment of the keypad

Highlight Features
  • This safe can comfortably hold 4 to 5 long arms depending on their attachments.
  • It Provides- Separate lockboxes for handguns or shells, removable shelves, carpeted floors, and interior doors, backup keys,
  • It comes with hardware for bolting to the walls or to the floor to your liking
  • It’s a digital lock, which is easy to set up and unwanted and more than efficient to avoid hands.
  • It comes with two keys for the main door, a set of small keys for the small lockbox inside the safe.


It is important for us to have firearms to deal with various worrying situations. However, these guns also need to be protected so that they do not fall into the hands of anyone else.

In that case, you can consider the best closet gun safe as the best way to hide firearms.

We have presented the most popular and best closet gun safe mentioned above. Choose any one of these top options according to your need, and hopefully, these closet gun safe are suitable for your needs.

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