how to turn a closet into a gun safe

How to Turn a Closet Into a Gun Safe

It is your responsibility to store your valuables, and guns in a suitable and reliable place. Firearms should never be kept visible. So find a storage in your home and make sure your firearms are safe. 

Are you worried about the safety of a gun?  Where should your gun safe be stored in the best place?

So, why not choose a closet?  A closet has enough space to hold your gun and other items. And you can put it anywhere. But is a closet capable of providing adequate protection to your guns?

Of course not, so you may need to update your closet a bit to ensure the complete safety of the guns. And you can do this at a much lower cost and in less time.

Then why is it late? Turn your closet into a gun by following a few simple steps. So Let’s take a look.


Advantage of turning a closet into a gun safe

 Your guns can be easily stored in a closet. But the closet may need to be updated to ensure adequate protection of your firearms. And this task is very easy and can be done in less time.

Multiple guns and other items can be easily stored due to extra space in the closet. Having a closet already in your home does not require any other additions and you can incorporate the interior design according to your needs.

Also, the closet allows you to keep both small and large guns.


What Does It Take To Make A Gun Safe Out Of A Closet?

You don’t need a lot of equipment to turn a gun safe from a closet. You can complete this task easily and with less tools.

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You can convert the gun safe to a closet with a secure door, deadbolt, and digital lock for security. However, if you want extra security features and interior design, you can.


So let’s see the process.


Step-1: Select the closet

Choosing which closet you want to turn into a  gun safe is a very important step. So it is necessary to choose a suitable closet to make them safe.

So first you have to consider why you want to convert the closet space into a gun cabin.

You can use your bedroom closet if you want to make it easily accessible, and secure and store your personal firearms. However, if you want to use safety in recreational activities, you can choose closets in other parts of the house.


Step-2: Update the interior of the Closet

When building a closet in your home, the focus is usually on the standard storage system.  Because in the closet you will keep your clothes and household items.

However, to save firearms you need to change the interior design of your closet. You can create more storage space by removing your closet rods and shelves.

Now you have ample storage space in your safe, So now you plan where you will place the item and design the interior accordingly.  Also, choose the size of the closet considering whether you want to keep a short or long rifle in the closet.

 You can include a hidden door. Placing shelves to keep your gun ammunition is a good solution. And you can thicken the walls to protect your belongings.

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Step-3: Buy a door and install the closet door

A door is essential to ensure the safety of all your belongings. It will keep your items away from criminals.

At present, you will find doors made of wood, steel, and other materials. However, we recommend you a wooden door with a deadbolt and lock system.

You can also purchase a mirror door. This will deceive the thieves and they will not be able to easily guess  You have valuable content.

When you go to purchase a wooden or steel door, choose the door according to the exact size of the door.


Step-4: Install digital keypad lock

Incorporating digital locks securely is a great solution to ensure adequate protection of your firearms and other items.

You can easily get these locks online. You should also set the backup key for emergencies.

The more security features you have on the door, the more secure your belongings will be. So we suggest you include a digital lock system.


Step-5: Fix an alarm and motion detector:

 You can set an alarm to provide extra protection for your belongings from outsiders. 

Installing a motion sensor inside the closet will notify you very quickly if an outsider tries to enter your closet. This way no one can enter your closet without permission.



Keeping your firearms and valuables in a safe place prevents them from being lost or stolen. And, a firearms owner is always concerned about the safety of their guns.

So we advise you to buy a gun safely.

However, investing safely in a gun can be costly. In that case, a closet could be an alternative arrangement. Yes, a closet can be a great way to protect guns.

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