Best Wall Gun Safe Between Studs

Top 10 Best Wall Gun Safe Between Studs in 2024

If you consider a Best wall gun safe between studs to keep your money, guns, important files, and other belongings in a safe place, then you have made the right decision. Various research has shown that wall safes are the most popular, then floor safes or fire-resistant safe.

There are several reasons why wall safe becomes more reliable, such as quick access, hidden, security, prevents unauthorized use.

However, choosing a reliable wall safe that nicely fits with your stud can be challenging for you.

Don’t worry, we’ve selected the 10 Best wall gun safes for you according to your needs and considering the various important features.

These wall safes are fit to be installed in the wall stud and are able to meet your needs. So, without any delay please take your choice from the review.

10 Best Wall Gun Safe Between Studs Review

 1. V-Line Closet Vault II Gun Safe & In-Wall Cabinet



Brand: V-Line
Item Dimensions: LxWxH – 53 x 18 x 5.75 inches
Material: Metallic-Fiber
Alarm: Anti-theft
Color: ‎Off White
Style: ‎Wall Cabinet
Item Weight: ‎60 Pounds

If you want to buy a great cabinet made in the United States V-Line Closet Vault II Gun Safe is a great option for you. This model is featured as a quick access gun cabinet for home security. Which allows you to easily and quickly fit your 16″ studs to the wall. Mount bolts are also included for mounting.

This cabinet offers ample space for several of your rifles, as well as more space than you need for an emergency event. This nice closet vault includes a 3-point rod locking system, its door using the reliable genuine simplex mechanical push-button lock.

This great built-in cabinet helps keep your valuables out of the sight of kids and others. A closet safe is a great choice for home defense, shotgun, or pistol.

  • Easy to install.
  • US products.
  • In-wall configuration.
  • The safe is pretty heavy.
  • The powder-coated finish is really nice and high quality
  • Manual lock.
  • Not fire-rate.

2. Paragon Lock & Safe 7725 –  Best Wall Gun Safe 



Brand: Paragon
Color: Gray
Lock Type: Electronic, Key
Item Dimensions: LxWxH22 x 16.5 x 4 inches
Material: Alloy Steel
Item Weight: ‎30.6 pounds
Batteries Required? : Yes

The Paragon-7725 safe is a great product to secure all your small items.

It is an excellent wall safe for a reasonable price. This great model is suitable for you to use both in your home or business and it allows you to hide very easily.

The paragon safe is designed into the wall studs. The standard digital keypad comes with a horn and LED, and the model is provided with 2 backup keys for emergency use. Anchor bolts are provided for easy installation of this electronic device.

  • Available at reasonable prices.
  • The model weighs quite a lot.
  • Allows easy installation.
  • The door comes with spring features.
  • Digital keypads included.
  • The keypad gives loud beeps.

3. SnapSafe in Wall Gun Safe and Money Safe



Color: Black
Brand: SnapSafe
Lock Type: Electronic
Item Dimensions: LxWxH – 23.25 x 17 x 5.25 inches
Material: 16 gauge steel body construction and .15″ steel door.
Item Weight: ‎32 Pounds
Style: ‎In-Wall Safe

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If you are looking for a wall gun safe that can be easily hidden then SnapSafe in Wall Safe is the right choice for you. This model is able to protect your handgun, passport, and other accessories.

This safe is very easy to install and it fits your needs perfectly. It fits snugly into your home between two wall studs and allows for easy installation.
It includes a secret safe bogie to keep your small and valuable items safe, and also has 2 shelves.

This Safe has 2 backups with a reliable programmable keypad lock. The model allows quick access to your items. SnapSafe In Wall Gun Safe for use in your home or office A perfect solution.

  • Fits easily between two studs.
  • Allows easy installation.
  • Includes programmable keypad lock and 2 backup keys.
  • Includes a hidden bogie and 2 shelves.
  • 14 gauge steel construction.
  • Suitable for home and office use.
  • No option for silent entry

4. V-Line 31242-SA Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe



Color: Black
Brand: V-Line
Lock Type: Combination
Item Dimensions: LxWxH – 3.5 x 12 x 42 inches
Material: Metallic-Fiber
Item Weight: ‎10.91 Pounds
Model Name: ‎Rifle Case

For those looking for a sleek and moderately protected long gun cabinet, They can spend on this great V-Line 31242-SA rifle cabinet.
The size of the V-Line 31242 is a rifle and the perfect product for your needs to hold a few handguns, magazines, and extra ammunition.

For the price and if you only need a moderate resistance to theft or to keep the kids out, this works great. This safe allows you to mount the object behind a door or under a piece of furniture so that no intruder can easily find it.

It uses the Simplex Five push button mechanical lock which allows you to access it quickly and easily. Overall V-Line 31242-SA, fits your needs very well.

  • Easy to unlock in case of emergency.
  • Products made in the USA.
  • Simplex lock system included, so you don’t have to rely on batteries.
  • Two tubular key locks are provided for extra security.
  • The combination can press multiple numbers at once.
  • Not waterproof or fireproof. This means it is not designed for long-term storage.

5. V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage for Guns and Valuable



Color: Ivory
Brand: V-Line
Lock Type: Key
Item Dimensions: LxWxH – 17 x 15 x 3.5 inches
Material: Metallic-Fiber
Item Weight: 23 Pounds

In our next review, we have come up with another great unit of V-line. If you want a fast-access handgun safe then you can invest in this model without any hesitation.

You can easily hide this locker on the wall and out of sight. It is quite easy to install in 16″studs. Its combination makes it impossible for a thief to get out and allows easy access in an emergency. The model is quite nicely designed and has a quality paint or powder coat finish.

The interior padding of the safe is well thought out and I like that the shelf was adjustable. The model provides enough space to hold a handgun, a few magazines, and a few boxes of ammunition.

  • Products made in the United States.
  • Genius Simplex lock system included.
  • Adjustable shelves have been provided.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Perfect for hiding the safe.
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  • Not very spacious.

6. Quicktec Large Rifle Safe, Gun Safe for Home Rifles and Pistols



Color: Large Gun Safe-biometric
Brand: Quickstep
Lock Type: Combination, Electronic
Material: Alloy Steel
Alarm: Audible
Batteries: ‎4 AA batteries required. (included)
Item Weight:‎ 92 pounds
Outer Dimensions: W x D x H – 14×13.8x 57 inch

The Quicktec Large Rifle Safe is ideal if you need an affordable rifle Gun safe. Its lock systems are also amazing, with code, keys, or biometric ID and a variety of great access. With the included electronic keypad you can quickly access any emergency.

Quicktec is quite well built, it is made of pre-resistant and pre-proof steel. It includes two backup keys as an alternative if the battery life is over.

It provides an internal lockbox, in which you can store additional items such as jewelry, ammunition, documents. The model is very easy to install, pre-deal holes are included for easy installation.

Above all, this model is highly recommended as it is affordable and able to meet your needs.

  • Large internal storage, capable of holding long guns.
  • Includes internal lockbox.
  • Has a 1-year warranty.
  • Includes reliable biometric lock system.
  • Adjustable shelves are not included.

7. Langger Biometric Wall Safe, Hidden Fingerprint Security Long Wall Safe



Lock Type: Electronic
Item Dimensions: LxWxH15 x 4.1 x 45 inches
Material: Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel
Product Dimensions: ‎15 x 4.1 x 45 inches
Item Weight: ‎6.31 pounds

Langger Biometric Wall Safe is a perfect fit for your needs. It will fit your rifle and shotgun perfectly. Its lock systems are well equipped for quick access, with smart biometric technology, registered fingerprint, and key with pin code. The locking mechanism and fingerprint function are quite nice.

The item allows easy setup. Prepared with pre-drill holes for safe mounting hidden in the wall. The model is made of heavy-duty carbon steel.

The item is provided with 3 removable shelves, so you can easily store guns, handguns, pistols, and other important documents, ideal for storing jewelry. Overall this is a good safe for a fair price.

  • Includes biometric fingerprint.
  • Allows quick access.
  • The item allows easy setup.
  • Removable shelves have been provided.
  • According to many users, it does not fit into the wall studs.

8. Barska Biometric Fingerprint Security Wall Safe



Color: Multicolor
Lock Type: Biometric
Item Dimensions: LxWxH1 x 1 x 1 inches
Material: Blend
Item Weight: ‎28.6 Pounds
Style: Right Opening
Size: ‎One Size

Our next choice is Barska Biometric Wall Safe. This item uses a technically advanced fingerprint detection system. Which allows you to access it very quickly.

This fingerprint reader stores up to 120 fingerprints in memory. Also included are 2 motorized locking deadbolts and a secondary access key.

The model is provided with 2 removable shelves, in which you can decorate your various accessories. The Barska safe you can easily mount between your wall studs.

It provides mounting hardware for installation. This excellent quality safe is made of durable steel and 2 built-in pre-resistant steel deadbolts.

  • Made by solid steel.
  • Includes secondary access keys.
  • It has two removable shelves.
  • Protective floor mats have been provided.
  • Includes biometric lock mechanism system.
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  • It is not fire retardant.

9. Mesa Safe All Steel Adjustable Wall Safe



Brand: Mesa Safe Co
Lock Type: Combination, Electronic, Key
Material: Alloy Steel
Outside Dimensions: 22 1/8″H x 14″W x 3 1/4″-6″D
Inside Dimensions: 19 1/2″H x 12 1/2″W x 2 1/4″-4 3/4″D
Weight: 40 lbs.

Mesa Safe Co. Fireproof Safety is a perfect model for protecting your valuables from fire, in the event of an electrical short circuit.

This model is durable and built with extremely heavy-duty. Weighing in at 40 pounds, the Meso model is quite heavy.

This wall safe is ideal for versatile use. Feel free to keep your important documents, papers, jewelry, and cash in it. This secure one comes with a reliable electronic locking mechanism and manual override.

This excellent electronic lock system is easy to use and allows you quick access. The unit includes expandable shelves.

The model is provided with two chrome-plated locking bolts and an anti-theft hinge which makes the safe resistant to theft. Pre-drill holes are included to mount the unit, allowing you to mount it quickly and easily. This great model is quite deep and fits nicely into your 16 o / c wall stud.

Above all, the MAWS2113E Adjustable Wall Safe is highly recommended for storing your valuables.

  • Fire-resistant safe.
  • Comes with anti-theft features.
  • It is quite durable and heavy construction.
  • Allows quick access.
  • Provides great customer service.
  • According to some users, it is difficult to install.


10. Buffalo 1325 Gun Rifle Shotgun Metal Security Cabinet Safe 



Color: Structured Graphite
Brand: SK New Interiors
Material: Metal
Alarm: Anti-theft
Chamber Depth: 7.8″
Item Weight:‎ 38 pounds

Your valuable weapons and other important items should be stored. As a result, we recommend that you choose a reliable safe. This Buffalo 1325 cabinet can be a great way to store your valuables.

The model has an external dimension of 51.2 “H × 9.8” W × 7.9 “D and an internal dimension of 50.3” H × 8.5 “W × 7.8″ D which can store your 2 rifles or long shotguns up to 50.3”.

The locking systems provided at Buffalo are quite reliable. It is basically equipped with two key locks and each key lock contains three live-locking bolts. These live-locking bolts provide enhanced protection against theft.

It has a lockbox for storing your various accessories and ammunition. The item allows you to easily install it. All in all, this safe is great for storing your rifle. Shotguns up to 50.3 inches long can be stored. Includes live locking bolts that provide extra protection against theft.

  • Shotguns up to 50.3 “long can be stored.
  • Includes live locking bolts that provide extra protection against theft.
  • Provides ample space.
  • Allows easy installation.
  • No Major Drawbacks.


In today’s review, we have reviewed the top 10 best Wall Safe Between Studs. Each of the above products is able to meet your needs. These quality products will fit nicely into your wall studs.

But, in this review, we recommend that you have to pay special attention to V-Line Closet Vault and Paragon-7725 safe. However, choose your choice considering your needs.

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