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Top 5 Best Quick Access Handguns Safe of 2024

Usually, burglary in a house is more frequent at night. This is definitely a dangerous incident for a family.
You must use firearms to protect your home, property, and your family from this problem.

On the other hand, It is risky to keep this weapon in a drawer or shelf because curious kids will want to play with guns.

As a result, you should invest in a reliable, quick access gun safe to keep the handgun safe.

This allows you to quickly access your handgun if attackers enter your home at night. Most of The handguns provide biometric fingerprints, keypads, and mechanical locks on the safe for quick access.

In this article, we have selected for you some of the best safes that are suitable for your bedside, nightstand, car fit, and great for quick access in case of emergency.

Investing in the best quick access handguns safe of 2022 to store guns is a good opportunity.

Best Quick Access Handguns Safe of 2022

1. RPNB Bedside – RFID Quick Access Handgun Safe for Nightstand

About RNPB:

RPNB is located in San Gabriel, California. It is a very popular and reliable company for producing various types of safes and gun safes. RPNB comes in different sizes of safes to keep your belongings Secure. You will get delivery wherever you want this safe.


If you are looking for a Decent Pistol Safe to use in cars and nightstands, you may want to consider RPNB Gun Safe.
It fits nicely with a bill, and all the features are able to work perfectly.

This safe is quite affordable in terms of price, and it will exceed your expectations. The model is small enough to fit in a small space, and you can hide it very easily.

RPNB gun safe is very easy to program, and you can follow the instructions to program.

The device has multiple opening options that will pleasantly surprise you. These are RFID keys provided by Fobs technology, a three-digit keypad, and a traditional key.

The secure lock mechanism works very efficiently and allows quick access. This durable model is coated with 16-gauge steel and a durable powder finish that helps prevent corrosion.

It also has top and bottom foam to protect your belongings. It includes anti-effect latches and a body of welded PR-proof steel.

This pistol safe has enough space to hold your extra magazines with a full-size handgun. With this portable safe, you can enjoy your travel.


  • Great slim design.
  • Battery life is long.
  • Allows quick access.
  • Provides 3 options for safe opening.
  • Pre-proof steel body.


  • The included cable is a bit short.
 The safety is very strong and reliable. It has a durable powder coat finish on the outside to prevent corrosion. The device comes with a 1-year warranty. It comes with mounting hardware and bolts for bolting to the floor. This pistol and handgun safe is especially recommended for all reliable features. 
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2. MOUTEC Quick Access Gun Safe – Best Biometric Handgun Safe Under $200


MOUTEC products are manufactured with heavy tariffs. The company manufactures different types of safe, such as handgun safe, rifle safe, pistol safe. The safe comes with various features you need. The products are very reliable and tough to ensure complete protection of the valuables.


We’ve added this popular MOUTECH Handgun safe to our list for those looking for a quick access biometric handgun safe.

This great model gives you three convenient separate ways to unlock the box. That means it has a fast accessible biometric reader, backlit keypad, and keys that will help you get entry. The fingerprint reader opens in less than a second without any errors, and the keypad works flawlessly.

It will be very easy for you to program the model. This handgun safe is made of extremely sturdy and thick powder-coated steel. The box is great for the money. You can fit other ammunition, including two compact or full-size handguns, such as a Glock 17/19 and plus some mags.

What I like is that the model comes with lots of great features. It comes with a security cable and LED lights. This LED light activates when it opens.

Overall, we recommend this handgun safe for its pleasing design, and feature.


  • There are biometric fingerprints that allow you quick access and storage of enough fingerprints.
  • Durable powder-coated finishes, which prevent corrosion.
  • Provides LED lights.
  • Full foam padding on the interior provides scratch protection.
  • Includes pre-drill holes and hardware for mounting.


  • It pops open a little louder.
 The fingerprint reader allows quick access. According to the manual, it can store up to 20 fingerprints. You’ll need four AA batteries to use the biometric function. This Moutec handgun safe includes mounting holes and hardware. You will see adequate padding on all the interior edges of the device. Above all, this safety is recommended for your home and office use. 


3. RPNB Quick Access Portable Security Safe – Best Handgun Safe Under $100

About RPNB:

RPNB is located in San Gabriel, California. It is a very popular and reliable company for producing various types of safe and gun safe. RPNB comes in different sizes of safe to keep your belongings Secure. You will get delivery wherever you want this safe.


If you want a less expensive and smaller option, you should choose the RPNB box. This safe is small enough to fit in a drawer. In the safe of 11.81L × 9.84W × 2.56H, you can easily have 2 pistols and an extra magazine for both, all 4 items are holstered and fitted.

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This product comes with a secure locking mechanism to secure the goods, and all of it works fine for digital code. The model is very easy to program and allows quick access.

That is, you can make entries using 4-6 digit code, and it works flawlessly every time. One of the great features of the model is that it sleeps for five minutes for invalid codes.

The RNPB safe is very durable and strong which is basically made of 18 gauge steel. The inside of the safety includes protective foam-lining and pre-resistant hinges for extra protection.

It has mounting bolts and a pre-drill hole under the foam of the egg crate to secure it. There is a cable to secure it to something fixed in your car or home.


  • Includes 2 backup keys.
  • Hardware provided for mounting.
  • Includes keypad which allows you quick access in case of emergency.
  • The product is very strong and durable.
  • Provides enough space to hold 2 handguns and other magazines.


  • No Major Drawbacks.
 This small size safe is great for protecting weapons from children. Enjoy travel with this portable box, and it is also quite useful for home use. The quick, accessible keypad can be entered using a 4-6 digit PIN. This means that the faster you can dial the Pincode, the faster you can enter. The model is made of very strong and durable gauge metal. The nightstand is great to use. 


4. QAP1BE Sentrysafe – Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe

About Sentrysafe:

Currently, the Sentrysafe brand is ideal for safe production and distribution. The world-renowned brand was founded in 1930. And SentrySafe manufacturing facility in China.

Especially, This brand is known for providing fire protection to ensure maximum protection of your valuables.


The SentrySafe QAP1BE Quick Access Biometric Gun safe version is ideal for use as a bedside handgun.
This compact model comes with a biometric fingerprint scanner to ensure maximum protection of your pistol. The reliable fingerprint reader works perfectly every time.

Another option for accessing the safe is a manual keypad that responds instantly. The QAP1BE Gun Safe is designed with a compact gas strut that allows you quick and quiet access.

The safe is made of hardened steel and includes PR-resistant doors to ensure the safety of your handgun. It is extremely durable And harsh.

If any of your friends or family need a compact and reliable handgun safe for use in the office or home, this model is recommended.


  • It opens quickly and silently.
  • Suitable for storing One gun.
  • Reliable biometric fingerprint reader.
  • Sustainable construction.
  • Designed to fit next to the bed.


  • No Major Drawbacks.
 There was a need to store more fingerprints in the fingerprint reader. Which allows you to save only two fingerprints. The model is suitable for storing a handgun. Sentry safe recommends using four high-quality, name-branded, and alkaline AA batteries. In addition to the biometric and keypad, it includes an override key. The safe is very flexible and easy to use for quick access. This thing is perfect for mounting on the wall at the head of your wall. 
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5. VAULTEK Slider Smart Handgun Safe – Best Handgun Safe Under $500


Vaultek is a trusted brand, and it designs some of the best products on the market. High-quality materials are used to create these applications. Vaultek safes are manufactured in China. You can use Vaultek as a great way to keep your valuables out of hand.


The Vaultek Slider Series is acceptable for those looking for a more compact safe to use on the side of a bed or table.
There are many smart sliders safe now, but this application has provided many more great features.

The first thing I will tell you is its fingerprint reader. The fingerprint reader of the model is super efficient, and you will see that it is capable of working every time as the first time.

The sensor will sensitize your fingerprint as soon as you touch it and open it in 1 second. The scanner allows you to enter up to 20 different fingerprint IDs. It also has a backlit keypad for entry.

An excellent feature of the model is that it is able to use the Wi-Fi app. Using Bluetooth, you can open the safe from about 20 feet away.

The slides of the unit open very quickly without any sound. However, it will send you a warning against interference.
After sliding the safe, you can see the internal light in it. It also has a padding housing unit so that the weapon is safe. The Valtek Rugged Liner includes hardened 18-gauge steel metal.

You can run the model with a rechargeable battery, but it is better to have a charger attached.

Although this compact safe is designed to fit next to a bed or table, you can also fit it into a nightstand if you want. The model comes with hardware for mounting.


  • Wi-Fi connectivity technology, which lets you view secure live data.
  • Includes interior LEDs that provide visibility to the firearm.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Biometric scanner, numeric keypad, manual and smart keys provided.


  • No Major Drawbacks.
 This product can be placed beside your nightstand, bed. And it works well. Vaultek Slider series is a smart safe with a Wi-Fi connection. This product is particularly recommended for quick access. 



Hopefully, we’ve been able to help you get the Best Quick Access Handguns Safe for your needs. At the end of our final research, we’ve found for you a quick access Gun safe that protects your valuables.

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