How to Fireproof a Gun Safe | Experts Guide

How to Fireproof a Gun Safe

A Safe with a high-fire rating is essentially expensive. However, unfortunately, no fireproof gun safe can guarantee complete fire safety. If it burns for a long time, it can be destroyed at one stage. But, you need to keep your firearms and other items safe. And if you can’t buy an expensive gun safe, then … Read more

How to Move a 2000 Pound Safe (Easily & Safely)

How to move a 2000 pound safe

Often gun safe owners are concerned and wonder “How to move a gun safe?” The gun safe is usually designed to provide superior protection to your gun and other items. And now most consumers prefer a gun safe. These safe weighs 2,000 pounds or more and are not portable. Basically, most gun safes are designed … Read more

How Long Should A Gun Safe Be Fireproof For?

How Long Should A Gun Safe Be Fireproof For

Fire ratings are basically a specific period of time that a standard fire resistance test can withstand. Unfortunately, no fireproof safe can be 100% fire-resistant. However, the manufacturers claim that the fire safe will reach your expectations. A cheap fireproof gun safe is made of low quality fireproof material. So we recommend you, purchase the … Read more

Best Place To Put A Gun Safe For Extra Safety

Best Place To Put A Gun Safe

Most people prefer gun ownership to the use of rifles for hunting or game-shooting and the use of handguns for self-defense. About 2 million people in the United States claim to own a gun, and its use has changed dramatically. And America ranks second in the total number of gun deaths. This means that when … Read more

How to Secure a Gun Safe in An Apartment – 4 Effective Ways

How to Secure a Gun Safe in An Apartment

If you own a gun you must keep it in a safe place and out of reach. And, The most reliable and convenient way to secure your gun is to lock it in a Gun Safe box. However, Gun Safe should be stored in a designated area to prevent theft. There are some excellent ways … Read more